Demmortal Treasure is more than just a Collectible


dedogmadao NFT
  • The money collected from the minting goes to the buyback treasury. This will guarantee the floor price of the NFTs to mint price and can raise by time. Any NFT holder has the right to burn their NFTs and receive their funds back.
  • Additionally, part of the money earned from the secondary market sales and yield farming will go to this treasury for refueling.
dedogmadao NFT
dedogmadao NFT
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NFT Card Collection

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God of thieves

  • Master of thievery and poetry. With his wing-threaded sandals, he can spread news at the blink of an eye to those who are willing to lend him an ear. The words that leave his mouth are nothing short of poetical.
  • Hermes created the Bandits guild by placing a magnetic power in humans.
  • Hermes takes 3% share of the Bandits guilds‘ win of treasury.
  • Hermes has 18X more chance to compare to other cards to win the lottery.
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Our Roadmap

Roadmaps focus on providing a list of what our project will accomplish and what features our product will include