dedogmadao NFT

Demmortal Treasure

  • Treasury filling period (3 months)

    After minting, releasing royalty fees from Opensea will take a month and 8 weeks to fill the Investment Treasury.
  • Simultaneous Yield farming on Investment Treasury

    This will start immediately after receiving the funds.
  • Multi format PFP for NFT owners to download

    This feature will be available from the first day of the reveal date.
  • Lottery starts

    3 months after minting(until the investment Treasury fills).
  • Sharing prize pools

    Building several participant pools. Members of the pools will have an increased chance of winning the prize as a passive income opportunity. This prize will be split among the members based on their NFTs.
dedogmadao NFT

Expanding DDD - part I

  • Moving towards becoming a DAO

    6 months after minting the Demmortal Treasure NFTs, we will be accepting proposals for accelerating defi gamification ideas based on DD Dao treasures
  • Airdrops for the next upcoming collictigame that is being built

    To play this game, each player needs to hold 5 cards of the new collection. 3 of which will be airdropped to the owners of Demmortal Treasure collection.
  • Expanding DDD collictigames to Sandbox platform

    This is an ongoing project. This is expected to be released by the end of 2022.
  • Merging other investment DeFi protocols to our existing games

    To add more diverse funds to the lottery prize.
  • Launching accessories marketplace

    Marketplace for collectibles and their accessories like scores, POTLs, POAPs, badges, etc.
dedogmadao NFT

Expanding DDD - part II

  • Platformization of the lottery format for other collectibles

    This is possible via fractionalizing to ERC20. DDD will host at least 10 lotteries for popular collectibles by the end of 2022.
  • Expanding the games and protocols on ethereum layer2 networks

    Building fully on-chain games with cost efficient fees.
  • More anti-rug open-sourced features

    We believe you should not trust the team, trust the code instead.