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Meet the Creators

dedogmadao team Decentral Titan
  • Believer in Decentral Dogma. Explorer of the first titans treasure. Full time defi user and researcher for more than 4 years. NFT market addicted.

    Decentral Titan

    Co-founder and CEO
    dedogmadao team Meti.eth
  • Mehdi Salehi is an integration engineer at Arbitrum. He graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He mainly researches blockchain technologies and decentralized finance. Before this, he used to be an independent smart contract auditor, auditing several DeFi projects. He also contributed to the Meta Governance project and EIP-4824.


    Blockchain Engineer
    dedogmadao team Sara
  • Sara has a technical background in entertainment and fintech industry worked in companies like Spotify and iZettle. She is a true believer in Ethereum and blockchain. She has been active in this field for a couple of years now and wants to continue to have a bigger impact in this industry by building more innovative solutions.


    Co-founder and Product Manager
    dedogmadao team George
  • George has many years of experience in backend engineering. He has worked in companies like Spotify and successful startups like Soundwave.


    Backend Adviser
    dedogmadao team Floki BB
  • Floki BB is a software engineer and has been in the Blockchain filed since 2016. He has worked as a Blockchain integration engineer and have been involved in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2018. An example of his remarkable work is contributing to solidity language compiler and work as DAPP engineer in couple other projects.

    Floki BB

    Co-founder and Blockchain Engineer
    dedogmadao team Katy
  • Katy is a linguistics enthusiast and lover of all things literature. By day, she teaches English as a foreign language and by night she spends her time building lightsabers, writing, dreaming and ever expanding her hobbies. She enjoys the company of like-minded people and bringing these people together. Inspired by web3 culture. Community building and support lies at the core of what she does at DeDogmaDao.


    Master of lore and communications
    dedogmadao team Sofia

    Full-time artist for more than 10 years. Specialised in Illustration, character and motion design in the video production and game industry. On the introverted side, but an amazing teammate. Perhaps she’ll decide to be doxed one day.


    Head of art